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   2023-2024 Members

Matt Shafer, Principal, SBDM Chair

Holly McVaigh, Teacher Representative

Lesley Smith, Parent Representative

Tasha Lovins, Teacher Representative

David Clark, Parent Representative

Elizabeth Schnelle, Teacher Representative

April Draine , Minority Parent Representative 

              , Minority Teacher Representative



For questions, please contact the
SBDM Secretary, Jill Talley

Congratulations to Katharine Moore!   She will be joining our Council for the 2024-2025 school year.


SBDM Bylaws and Policies
2023-24 SBDM Meeting Schedule

If you wish to be notified via email of special meetings of the Ryle SBDM Council,
please contact the SBDM Secretary.

The Ryle SBDM Council typically meets on the 3rd Thursday of each month in the Conference Room at 4:30pm.  In order to make your experience as comfortable and productive as possible, here are a few basic guidelines: 

  • The overall purpose and focus of the Ryle SBDM Council is to improve student achievement.
  • Persons wishing to address the Council may do so during the Audience of Citizens portion of the agenda.  This is a time for students, parents, or community members to publicly speak with the council on topics pertaining to the purpose and mission of Larry A. Ryle High School.  Comments regarding individual students, parents, or employees of Larry A. Ryle High school are not appropriate for this forum.
  • Persons wishing to help Larry A. Ryle High School be the best may donate their time and energy by serving on an SBDM committee or by joining the Ryle Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) or by volunteering their time on various projects within the school.  Contact the school office for more details.

Ryle SBDM Standing Committees:

  • Curriculum
  • Student Activities
  • Student Services
  • School Climate / Positive Intervention Behavior & Supports (PBIS)

SBDM Meeting Agendas/Minutes